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What Is a Quiet Title?

A quiet title action is an essential legal procedure used to establish ownership rights to real property, or to affirm other property interests, against one or more adverse claimants. This action is also referred to as a suit to remove a cloud on title, which means any claim or potential claim that opposes the ownership of a property or other property rights. Under MCL 600.3902, a statutory cause of action is provided for filing a quiet title action.

How Do You File a Quiet Title Action in Michigan?

In Michigan, quiet title actions are equitable actions decided by circuit court judges. The plaintiff must file a complaint to establish a superior interest above all other parties claiming an interest in the real property. A successful quiet title action results in a judgment that clearly establishes title in the name of the plaintiff. However, it’s crucial to note that if the aim is to remove individuals residing on the property, a separate eviction proceeding must be filed.

Common reasons for filing a quiet title action include clearing title to property acquired from mortgage or tax foreclosure sales, addressing issues with forged deeds, resolving breaks in the chain of title, and removing invalid or satisfied liens against the property.

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