The 3 Property Ownership Choices for Couples in Michigan.

In Michigan, there are three options for Property ownership for unmarried and married couples:  1.  Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship (JTWROS), 2. Joint Tenancy (JT), and 3. Tenants by Entireties (TBE)(married couples only). All three arrangements offer unique advantages and disadvantages, making it crucial for couples to understand the implications of their choice. In… Read more »

What Michigan Law Says About Tree Encroachment

Trees should add beauty, shade, and perhaps even fresh fruit to your property. But far too often trees end up causing disputes between neighbors, especially when they grow to be fairly large and encroach on another property.   If you’re a resident of the state of Michigan and neighbor has a tree that’s bothering you,… Read more »

What Home Buyers Should Know About the Seller’s Disclosure Act

Picture this situation: you’ve finally powered through a chaotic real estate market to purchase your first home. You move in only to find a serious issue with the home that you weren’t informed of and will require a major financial commitment to fix. For example, a leaking roof must be replaced or leaking basement walls… Read more »